Lavender, lilac ruling this lent

BY: Hadiza Nuhhu-Billa Quansah

When we were growing up we always assumed that Lavender is strictly a name for body fragrance while Lilac is a flower. 

These are lovely colours you will love to rock at any time. For Christians, the colour for the Lent season is purple so in most of churches, purple drapes the altar, lectern and pulpit. Purple suggests repentance and solemnity. Just like other colours we have talked about in the past, purple is full of symbolism. Its deep dark richness invites us to slow down and consider the sacrifices Jesus made for us.

The Bible tells us that the garment the guard put on Jesus during his trial and beatings was purple. Thus, purple symbolises pain, suffering, mourning and penitence.

For most weddings, engagements and parties, two forms of purple rule. They are lavender and lilac. Indeed, Lavender and Lilac are two shades of purple and violet. Don’t be confused for we have come a long way with the key names and uniqueness of most colours on the colour wheel. The two colours we are looking at this week are very similar to each other and many people often confuse these two shades. These two colours also refer to the flowers of the same names. In fact, both of these shades have been named after the colour of the flowers.

There are many variations of lavender: Pale Lavender, Lavender Blue and Lavender Pink. Lavender is considered as girlish, elegant and chic and has long been associated with distinguished, wealthy women.


Lavender generally represents beauty and femininity and is considered to be the ‘grown-up pink.’ That is for those who don’t want to go in for pink stuff which are more linked to little girls.

Similarly, there are various shades of Lilac and they include Pale Lilac, Deep Lilac and French Lilac. Pale lilac is also considered to be a colour worn in the last stages of mourning in England and Europe.

Lilac also symbolises confidence, which makes it a traditionally popular gift for fresh graduates. Also, Lilac is the official flower of a couple’s eight wedding anniversary.

As you can see, both colours have positive connotations and it is the reason why you can use them for all your events this lent season. Imagine a Lilac and Lavender combination for your baby shower, bachelorette, engagement, wedding or cocktail party. The ambiance will certainly look chic and super!