It’s time for white dress code

BY: Hadiza Nuhhu-Billa Quansah
Join the white outfits train

Today, December 25, is Christmas, and I know some people have a tall list of events they want to attend and have fun.

Some of those events are public, while others are private. There are also both ticketed and non-ticketed events you can choose to attend.

Boldly written on most invitation cards is the dress code for the various occasions, and topping the list is all-white or a touch of white outfits.

White is a well-known colour that symbolises purity, innocence and integrity.

During watch-night services on December 31 and New Year, it is common to see people wearing all-white. This is because the colour is considered to represent perfection, as it is the purest and most complete colour. It is the colour that represents a new beginning and erases any trace of past actions.

According to colour experts, white is like a piece of white paper that has nothing written on it. It leaves the mind open and free to whatever it might create in the way.

The colour white is incorporated by most of the churches during Christmas. The altar of the church is covered with white, except for Russian Orthodox churches, where gold is used during Christmas. Even the Fifth Advent Candle, also known as the Christ Candle, positioned right in the centre of a wreath, is white.


White outfits are very beautiful. Those who shy away from them claim they easily get dirty, especially when you don’t have your own car and have to depend on public transport.

There have been occasions when some people have had their white attire stained with palm oil in trotro, making it difficult for them to continue to where they were going.

There is no greater threat to your personal cleanliness than the human need for sustenance. If you find yourself at a party and you are afraid of staining your dress/shirt, put napkins on your laps when you are eating.

This one is so simple but really does make a difference. And don’t just put one tiny napkin on your laps; open a few and spread them out a bit.

Whatever it is, you don't have to be scared of rocking a white outfit. Just get a top and a down or a cute white dress and join the white train during these festivities.




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