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FIFA 2022 World Cup: A parapsychological view

FIFA 2022 World Cup: A parapsychological view

The games were introduced by Zeus, who became King, god and judge of the gods and men.

They were intended to replace bloody combats among the gods, demi gods and heroes.

              Originally, the games were observed as a festival and were part of it – meant to celebrate the victory of Zeus over his father, Kronos.

Kronos was King of the Titans, who were the former gods and rulers of the world.

Why did Zeus kill his father?

Before Zeus and his other five siblings were born, an oracle had informed Kronos that his children would overthrow him, eventually, to become rulers of the world.

Because of that, Kronos swallowed up all the children he had with Rhea, the then queen of the world, except Zeus that Rhea hid in a cave in Crete.

Zeus was cared for by a Nymph called Cynosura.

When he became an adult, Zeus made his father to vomit all his siblings that he had swallowed by giving him a special liquor made of honey and water.

Back to life, Zeus’ other five siblings joined him in a 10-year battle in which Kronos and the other Titans were defeated.

Zeus had Kronos’ body cut up and thrown into “the pit in Tartarus”.

Tartarus became the abode of the Titans who were gods of the underworld.

Zeus and the other Olympians became gods of the upper or higher parts of the world.

The Titans had lived on Mount Othrys and the Olympian gods lived on Mount Olympus in Greece.

The narratives of the battle, known as War of the Titans or Titanomachy, were written, separately, in the poems of Orpheus and Hesiod, both ancient Greek poets.

Those poems were records of actual historical events (not myths) as they were believed to be.

The ancient Greek Olympic Games are symbols of the good, wise, loving, friendly and just spirit that replaced the evil, bloody, unjust, unwise, unfriendly and untruthful spirit.

It is the kind of spirit that prescribed rules and laws that control all aspects of material, mental and spiritual human affairs, including sports and games.

Modern games and sports have a lot to pick from the ancient Olympic Games.

David Hammond has recorded in his well-researched book, The Search for Psychic Power (1975), that: “As we move into a new age, that is best uncertain, I cannot help but believe that the evolution of mind is taking place at this time in order to adapt us to the future already breaking in on us. I cannot believe this is mere coincidence.

“… I believe that what’s happening is more than part of an evolutionary scheme. I believe it is no less than a new renaissance, a reawakening of the human spirit that promises a golden age of hope and achievement for all mankind.”

Psychic and parapsychological researches by reputable academic institutions, have established the fact that, indeed, the world is moving forward into a stage where, as the optimistic futurists have projected, humanity and the earth planet will not be blown up in a big bang.

Rather, the futurists have reckoned that humanity will survive and embrace the good spirit and rise above evil and ignorance and want.

Is it history that is repeating itself?

The equivalent of the Greek legendary War of Titans, is the battle between the Kurus and their cousins, the Pandus, on the ancient Indian field of Kurukshetra that was won by the Pandus who were led by Lord Krishna and Arjuna. Lord Krishna is the second of the Hindu Holy Trinity.

The long poetic narratives by Vyasa were published in the Mahabharata, an ancient Hindu epic.

There is also recorded in the Holy Koran, the defeat of hundreds of tin-gods by Prophet Mohammed and his holy armed forces.

The impact of the ongoing mental and spiritual developments on the 2022 FIFA World Cup matches that took place from November 20 to December 18, 2022, is the main concern of this article.

How far has psychodynamics influenced the 2022 FIFA World Cup matches in Qatar?

What explanations are there for the obvious oddities, surprises and disappointments?

Why were some footballers outstanding and others were not?

What are the secrets behind the notable extraordinary performances of Lionel Messi of Argentina and Kylian Mbappe of France?

Why did Ghana defeat South Korea at the group stage but South Korea defeated Portugal that, in turn, triumphed over Ghana?

And why Uruguay humiliated Ghana but could not tame South Korea in their game that ended in a draw?

Why could the defending champions, France, not defeat Argentina at Qatar in a game that ended in a draw after 120 minutes, and Argentina won on penalties?

Netherlands and France drew with Argentina at the end of the 120 minutes; both lost on penalties to Argentina. Why?

What was behind Morocco’s surprising outturn at the FIFA 2022 games in Qatar?

Answers to these questions are varied and depend on many factors such as quality of training and physical, mental and spiritual superiority.

It also rests on who wins the mental, psychological and spiritual combats.

This is because, mind and spiritual powers are superior to the physical.

Some players and countries dominated the games because they were able to manipulate the psychophysical forces well.

Football does not mean that the players just kick the ball about.

Other matters, such as material, mind and spirit fitness and good body, mind and spirit control, play important parts in determining which team emerges victorious.

Lionel Messi, seven-time FIFA Best Footballer of the Year winner, was at his best in 2022 Qatar.

He won the Best Player of the 2022 FIFA World Cup award.

Kylian Mbappe was the second-best player of the festival.

He was awarded the Golden Boot for being the player that scored the highest number of goals at the festival.

The common words used to describe the uncanny performances of players such as Messi and Mbappe are that they are gifted or talented.

Gifted and talented are words that are loaded with a lot of psychodynamic properties.

It needs a lot of psychic research to find out the factors that are involved.

When a person is talented or gifted in the performance of an art or act, it could mean that the person has better control of the psychic, mental and spiritual faculties than his/her competitors or contemporaries.

Ghana overcame South Korea in the group game because the Koreans, facing Ghana, maintained their Asiatic form, floating on the astral plane of consciousness and mesmerising the Black Stars with their slippery and elusive placements and positioning and magnetic passes that helped them to dominate much of the first half.

In response to that style of play, the Ghanaians defused the Oriental mesmerising aura of the Koreans, by taking firm control of the turf, slowing down the game, holding their chest out and head high.

With that, the Black Stars scored two quick goals.

The Koreans, at the start of the second half, re-established their Asiatic mesmerising play and gesture and scored two quick goals to make it 2 each.

Ghana would not have won that game, 3-2, if they did not manage to dispel the mesmerising psychic cloud surrounding the South Koreans -- by again taking control of the field and scoring the last goal.  

In their match with Uruguay, the Koreans changed their style of play at the psychic and mental planes.

They kept their feet on the turf, their chest out and matched the Uruguayans head to head and boot to boot.

That style made the South Koreans a difficult team for the Uruguayans. The game ended in a draw.

South Korea defeated Portugal that easily overcame Ghana in their group-stage match.

It happened that way because the Koreans were able to match the Portuguese at all levels of play and won 2-1 to move up to the Group 16 stage.

On the Ghana/Uruguay match, it was difficult for Ghana to assume the form of play that could have enabled them to avenge the 2010 World Cup defeat by Uruguay.

It was obvious that the Uruguayans overshadowed the Ghanaians in play and even saved a Ghanaian penalty by Black Stars’ captain, Dede Ayew.

For that, Ghana has to learn from the South Koreans. Although Ghanaians are not Oriental, the Korean psychic/mental form of play could be adopted, when necessary, at any time Ghana plays Uruguay again.

Morocco was the top African team at the Qatar games, becoming the first African country to reach the semi-finals at the FIFA World Cup.

Morocco topped their group, (Group F) and defeated Spain and Portugal to reach the semi-final stage.

The Moroccans were in high spirit and were mentally and psychologically sound throughout the festival.

They performed well because they did not waver or shift from the strong psychophysical position they had assumed from the start.


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