See-through outfits for 2021

BY: Hadiza Nuhhu-Billa Quansah

With just two months left on the calendar for us to say farewell to 2020, a lot is happening in the world of fashion.

This year has not been very vibrant due to the global pandemic, but designers in Ghana and around the world are all coming out with clothes and accessories which are expected to make waves from the Christmas festivities into 2021.

As the weeks go, by we will be looking at some of the fabrics and designs that fashionistas will love to grab in the coming season.
This week, we will be looking at some see-through dresses, skirts and tops that are expected to make it big in the 2021 fashion season.


Do you remember that see-through tops were trending in 2018 with a lot of ladies using organza fabrics to design wrap tops, off-shoulders, puffy hands and side cuts among others.

This time, it looks like there will be a variety of see-through fabrics with laces, chiffon, voile taking centre stage. Apart from the transparent fabrics, there will be translucent outfits as well.

See-through clothing is any garment of clothing made with lace, mesh or sheer fabric that allows the wearer's body or undergarments to be seen through its fabric. They were fashionable in Europe in the 18th Century. There was a "sheer fashion trend" starting with designer clothing from 2008.

According to fashion experts, see-through or sheer fabric, particularly in skintone (called "nude") colours, is sometimes called illusion, as in 'illusion bodice' (or sleeve) due to giving the impression of exposed flesh.

Now you may be wondering what the difference is between transparent fabrics and translucent ones. Transparent fabrics might include glass or cellophane, or PVCs that are so clear you can see through, them as if there’s almost nothing there. Translucent things allow light through but with significant diffusion or distortion. Most clothes, would, therefore better be described as translucent.

Now it is time to look out for see-through outfits from online shops, malls, boutiques and open markets and be part of the sheer fabric movement.