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Looking good in chiffon
Chiffon is one of the materials being used for different types of styles these days.

Looking good in chiffon

We all love to look good wearing clothes made from various fabrics. For some people, the type of fabric they use for a particular event is always more important to them than the style or patterns created by the designer.

In dressmaking and designing, the choice of fabric is extremely important. One thing you must know is that different fabrics are required for different ages, purposes, and occasions.


For instance, wedding dresses, uniforms, undergarments, casual wear all require different kind of fabrics and at times a combination of many.

Some fabrics are very suitable for our part of the world due to the nature of our weather while others are only fit for the temperate regions. For instance, it is very odd to wear a leather dress in hot weather like ours.

There are some fabrics you can easily identify with their names. For example, linen, lace, polyester and cotton. While some have powerful names like charmeuse, taffeta, shantung, organza, mikado, georgette and many more.


Chiffon is one of the materials being used for different types of styles these days. In fact, on top of the fashion ladder are colourful chiffon tops used for any occasion.

These days, it is common to see people wearing Slits with chiffon tops at weddings, funerals and parties. The easy goers also love to create a top mix with chiffon and wax prints which is often worn over a pair of jeans.

Basically, chiffon is a lightweight plain-woven fabric with mesh like weave that gives it a transparent appearance. The word chiffon has a French origin which means a cloth.

It is primarily made from cotton, silk or synthetic fibres like nylon, rayon and polyester. Chiffon is most commonly used to weave the sarees used by the Indians, dresses and scarves.

History has it that the fabric was made exclusively with silk until nylon was invented in 1938. After the introduction of polyester fabric in 1958, the polyester chiffon blend became more popular because of its durability and economic viability.


Chiffon outfits should preferably be hand-washed or slow machine washed with extra care so that the fabric does not fray.
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