Fashion tips for the inverted triangle lady

Author: Emma Addo-Owusu
Flared, boot-cut and wide trousers and jeans are the best way to go for your figure type
Flared, boot-cut and wide trousers and jeans are the best way to go for your figure type

If this is your body shape, it simply means you are bigger at the top and smaller in your lower body.  That is why it’s referred to as an up-side down triangle. You have broad shoulders, sometimes with a full bust and narrow hips and waist.

It’s also very likely that you have slim limbs as well. There are some inverted triangles women who also have either a straight waist and flat bum or a well defined waist and a curvier bottom and plus sized at the same time.

Some of the challenges faced by women with this figure are that it is difficult to dress in a symmetrical fashion. Most times after dressing, you notice that your upper body looks bigger than your lower body. This ultimately gives you a sort of disproportionate image or look. 

Types of clothing style to work with

The key is basically learning how to soften your shoulders since they are on the broad side and then increasing volume for the lower part of your body. 

Success is achieved when the right clothes style is combined to soften your look, create curves, volume below and present an overall balanced image.

Since you are prone to looking heavy at the top, you need to divert attention from the upper part of your body to your lower body. You need to work at defining your waistline and creating a curvier upper you and a fuller lower you.

Let’s look at some pointers in your choice of clothing style that can help you achieve this.

Tips for Trousers, Skirts, Tops and Dresses 

 The goal is in creating the right symmetrical balance for your upper body and lower body. 

 Trousers and jeans

Flared, boot-cut and wide trousers and jeans are the best way to go for your figure type. 

The expanded end creates volume and the balance your broad upper body needs.

Combat and carpenter trousers are very good in creating volume so they are also useful options especially, if you have a flat behind.

Should you feel like wearing a three-quarter jeans or shorts, opt for those that flare out from just below your hips.

Avoid skinny jeans because they emphasise the smallness of your lower body. A much better option would be a straight cut jean worn with a dark top or a less detailed top.

Light coloured trouser or jeans directs attention to your lower body so it’s a better option to go for these.


The trick to wearing your tops is in keeping it small, simple and feminine. Remember you have a broad masculine shoulder and we need to create curves to soften your look.

Simple one shoulder arm tops look good on you because you have the shoulders to carry this look and style. Avoid excessive details on top.


2. V- Line tops are useful because they draw the eyes down to your lower body.

3. Opt for tailored shirts with waist definitions to emphasis e your waist. Tops which fit your waistline or worn with belts, compliments your waist line.

4. Stay away from shoulder pads, large frills, puffy sleeves and tight armholes as they make your upper body look bigger.

5. Avoid stiff material tops with too many details as they only add more volume to your upper body.


1. Skirts which flow from your waist down are better. They create volume for your lower body.

2. Bright patterned skirts direct attention to your lower body and away from your broad upper body.

3. Avoid pencil skirts. They narrow down to your knees making your lower body look narrower and disproportionate to your upper body.

4. A line, round skirts and fuller skirts will help create the volume and curves you need to balance you top body.

5. Tube skirts will not flatter your form. 


1. A belted a-line dresses or a flared dress will create curves and balance out your upper and lower body frame.

2. It’s a mistake to hide your waistline because it is actually one of your best features. Emphasize it.

3. Bias cut dresses are good in that they pinch in your waist and flare out creating curves and volume to your lower body.

4. A big NO to frilled sleeves and off the shoulder dresses. They make your top look bigger.

5. Shirt dresses can also help created a straight and balanced silhouette.

 Accessorise yourself with chunky bangles they draw attention down. Long strappy bags are also a better option and look better when they hang by your hips.  Avoid large as well as dainty jewellery. It’s best to opt for medium sized jewellery for your upper body. Bright or detailed shoes are a good option as well.

Have a pleasant weekend.


The Writer is a Certified Image Consultant. She provides Corporate & Personal Training on Personal grooming and Business Etiquette. She is the Principal Consultant at Kobadem Image Institute.Email- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 0206471765