Easter outfit ideas

BY: Hadiza Nuhhu-Billa Quansah

Planning what to wear on festive occasions such as Easter is a tough task as everyone wants to look their best, especially ladies.

Between the cleaning, cooking, receiving visitors and getting the children ready, figuring out your Easter Sunday outfit is probably the least of your concerns leading up to the holiday.

However, a church service or Easter party typically calls for something a bit more formal which may require just a little extra preparation on your part.

If you plan to attend a religious service on Easter Sunday, you may be unsure of the attire expected and requirements. In the past, black and white outfits ruled during Easter festivities. These days, people love to wear brighter colours.

There are some churches which encourage members to wear a pair of jeans and any colourful T-shirts on Easter Sunday. This is because on Sunday, some members or the church’s various groups bring food and drinks to share among themselves.

This year, yellow is definitely going to be the colour of the year for Easter 2022. You can try combining a white off shoulder top with a yellow skirt or trousers. Some churches do not allow their female members to wear trousers to church. If you find yourself in such churches, then your best bet is a long flowy skirt or a medium length one.

If you have other non-religious activities to attend, sometimes you may not want to wear a dress that is super extravagant but still want to look your best. For such situations, the best solution is to go for a pair of light skinny trousers with some light printed top. To add glam to your outfit, wear a bold statement pearl necklace along with some colourful bangles.


Adding on the right accessories can make you look super stylish in no time. Another great idea is to go for statement hats like baker street style hats to give you a modish look.

If you have a family brunch get-together to attend at a restaurant, a dress is still an appropriate option. While you can feel free to wear something that is slightly less formal, you would still want to look festive.

You can also wear a bold print or a jumpsuit if you want to do something to stand out. A light jacket — cropped or blazer — in white can complete the look nicely. For the men, you can have a beautiful kaftan, suit or a smart shirt for Mass or church service and reserve the side kickers, shorts and hats for the parties and picnics.
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