Kinbu Senoir High/Technical School - Too much noise around

BY: Abigail Bonsu

Richmond AssorKinbu Senior High/Technical School situated in the midst of the Tudu Market in the Central Business District of Accra, is subjected to too much noise which affects the concentration of students. Students discuss the problem. 

Richmond Assor - Form Three

When I started school, I  was unhappy about the noisy environment of  the school. I believe the government and the AMA have turned a deaf ear to our persistent pleas to erect sign boards to indicate the existence of the school  to caution drivers.

During our last Speech and Prize-giving Day, we made an appeal for the authorities to address the problem but up till now we have not seen anything.

Apart from the noise from traders, when dignitaries are passing by we always hear the siren and students lose concentration in class. Sometimes in the mornings, a class can be interrupted about twice before it ends, this is not good.  Can you imagine the number of times classes are disrupted in a day? The authorities should heed the pleas of students and do something about it.

Faizatu Inusah Faizatu Inusah - Form Four

Early in the morning, traders display their wares in front of the school gate and you have to beg them to give you way to enter. Sometimes others will be busily sweeping and will not take any notice of your presence. They will sweep the dirt on you, no matter who you are.

Once, when a student was struggling his way through the traders, his uniform got soiled with palm oil and had to go back home to change before returning to school.

If the authorities can provide the school with glass windows and plastic doors to minimise the noise levels, students would be very grateful.