Past readers share experiences on the 20th Anniversary of the Junior Graphic

BY: Lydia Essel-Mensah


It’s been said that there is knowledge in reading, however, reading can sometimes become a Herculean task, especially to most pupils and students.

The Junior Graphic has successfully reached its target audience over the years and made reading easier because of the way the newspaper is designed.

In my days at school, the purchase of the Junior Graphic was compulsory and I can proudly say that the policy by the management of the school for every child to get a copy on Wednesdays made a great impact on my life as a member of the school’s debate club.

One unique thing about the Junior Graphic was the educative and fun-packed stories which made reading enjoyable. And I cannot forget the ‘Talk to Auntie Betty’ page which served as a counselling avenue for pupils and students.

The ability of the Junior Graphic to organise competitions as an incentive for schoolchildren to build on their vocabulary and writing skills is commendable.

I once had the opportunity to visit the office of the Junior Graphic and I was amazed at the enormous work that went on behind the scenes to produce such an educative newspaper.

The Junior Graphic team deserve an applause and need to be appreciated. We, the children of Ghana say ‘Ayeeko’ to the Junior Graphic and Graphic Communications Group Limited. I pray the Almighty God continues to bless the paper to grow from strength to strength.

Safo Kwame Oheneba, LLB,
 University of Ghana,



Abraham Lincoln once said: ‘the two important things in a man’s life is the friends or company you keep and the books or things you read’.

I was one of the notorious boys in class in my former school who was gradually losing interest in school.  I thank God for my mother who took a decision to change that environment, so I was enrolled at the Early Bird School.                     

Looking back at my life several years ago, I count myself very lucky for that opportunity. I was first introduced to the Junior Graphic in Primary Six at Early Bird School .

I was fortunate to have a God-fearing and hardworking proprietress like Mrs Edith Gbekle who took so much interest in our studies to the extent that  she always made sure that we read the Junior Graphic after buying it. That foundation she laid has made a great impact on my life over the years.

It was through the Junior Graphic that I read the story of people who rose from humble backgrounds to become important personalities. I did not miss the column: ‘I’ll Tell My Story’ every Wednesday because it was my favourite. Thank God my interest in that column nurtured me in my journey to fulfill the greatest call of my life as pastor.

Today, I am serving the Lord , helping to impact a lot of lives in the world, especially the youth in the senior high schools and those in communities. The greatest gift from God to man is to give back to the society.

May the Lord continue to shower His abundant blessings on the Junior Graphic.

Pastor Judah Richard Aklasu,

Anointed Pentecostal Miracle Church Int.

Agona Swedru. 


It has been a wonderful journey with the Junior Graphic climbing the educational ladder as a pupil of the Early Bird School at Taifa-Burkina in Accra.

My school made the purchase of the Junior Graphic compulsory. We were encouraged to read  the newspaper from cover to cover. As a member of the school’s fan club, we had a day in the week where we met as club members to discuss the published articles and it was amazing because it really gave us the opportunity to learn new things each week.

My favourite was word formation and ‘Talk to Auntie Betty’ column, and  the pieces of advice from Auntie Betty were  great .  It helped shape my life as a young adult.

I had the opportunity to take part in the Junior Graphic Essay Competition for my school and my continuous participation helped to improve my writing skills.

As an adult, I continue to read the Junior Graphic because it has become an integral part of me. I will encourage all schoolchildren to continue to read the paper to broaden their horizon. Kudos to the team for such marvelous work.

Kessewa Abotsi Mawusi,
Midwife, Dodowa District Hospital,

Greater Accra.


I am beaming with smiles as I narrate my journey with the Junior Graphic because memories keep coming back and it feels like just yesterday.

However, it is 20 years down the line and the Junior Graphic has indeed stood the test of time.

During my days in school, I read several articles which improved my verbal and written English. My favourites were puzzle city and the lyrics at the back page of the newspaper.

One thing I remember vividly was when I wrote an anonymous letter to ‘Talk to Auntie Betty’  when I had a problem I thought was too sensitive to share with anyone. I kept on reading the Junior Graphic after sending my letter with the hope that one day, Auntie Betty would respond.

Auntie Betty responded. I opened the paper and there was an advice from Auntie Betty. I was super excited and heeded the advice she gave me.

One thing that had baffled me till date was how Auntie Betty had answers and solutions to all our questions and problems. Thanks to Auntie Betty for helping to shape our lives.

She continues to direct the paths of our younger brothers and sisters through her advice. It was my dream to meet Auntie Betty when I was in school but this did not come to pass.  I have not given up, I still want to meet Auntie Betty.

The Junior Graphic has provided a safe haven for majority of us and it is still serving the youth better because as an adult, once in a while I buy the paper to read and it is still the educative and interesting paper I used to read years back.

A big cheers to the Junior Graphic team and gratitude to the Graphic Communications Group Limited for giving us such a useful newspaper.  Long live the Junior Graphic.

Lilian MacCarthy Vroom,

Front Desk Executive,

Petra Security, Accra.