Talk to Auntie Betty: Can I take a boyfriend?

BY: Junior Graphic

Dear Auntie Betty, I am a 12-year-old girl in junior high school Form One. My friends always make fun of me all  because I don’t have a boyfriend.

I am a shy girl and their teasing is worsening my situation.

There are some boys in my class who have proposed to me. I am in the dilemma as to start a relationship so that my friends will stop teasing me.

I confided in one of my friends and she suggested that I can date one of the boys in my class. I don’t know if I should listen to my friend.

Please I need your advice.

Ernestina, Goaso.

Dear Ernestina, It is not advisable to take a boyfriend at your age. Don’t follow your friends blindly, they can lead you astray and in the end, they will be the very ones who will gossip about you when you get into trouble.

Ernestina, you should make your parents, especially your mum your best friend so you can talk to her about things that bother you as a teenager. Your mum, I believe, will not give you a bad advice.You can also talk to you school counsellor if you have one to discuss your problems with her.

You should not be worried about your friends teasing you that you don’t have a boyfriend. Tell them that at this age, you don’t need one but what is expected of you is to study hard and excel in your exams. This is because starting a relationship at this age can cause you a lot of problems which can affect your academic performance.

You have to ignore those who are teasing you. If you are able to stand your grounds and resolve not to engage in boy-girl relationships, your friends will secretly admire you.

So prove to them that you are a disciplined person and they will not worry you anymore. The boys will also respect you for that.