Short story: Justice Cinder, a godsend (episode one)

BY: Junior Graphic

“There isn’t enough blood - sorry. All we need to do is to pray!" the doctor said sadly.

Sheriel Indena buried her face in her palms and sobbed quietly as the doctors tried all they could to revive her daughter but to no avail.

Her condition had suddenly taken a different  turn which no one expected.

So, her daughter was not going to live a normal life. “No! Help her, Lord, she would be fine.”  Sheriel tried very hard to comfort herself.

The doctors are demanding money before they could start with her treatment.  

Sheriel wiped her tears with the back of her hand and scrambled through her handbag for her handkerchief to wipe her face. She could see an elderly man rushing to her child’s ward.

‘Who was that and why is he rushing’  she said to herself. Little did she know that the man was going to be her  daughter’s saviour.

She leaned back in her chair which she sat  waiting impatiently. Her heart beat faster and faster and she could feel her temperature rising. “I would do anything.... anything, to save my daughter. Even if it involves sacrificing my house, my job, my .........”

"Thank God! Thank God!!", she heard shouts coming from the ward. In her confused state, Sheriel picked up her handbag and dashed to the ward. The doctors looked at her and smiled, some turned away to hide their tears of joy.

Sheriel broke down and wept, muttering, "Thank God, thank God!". The 18-year-old girl looked  confused. The elderly man looked at her and smiled.

All of a sudden, Sheriel stopped weeping and lifted her tear-soaked face towards the doctors while cuddling her daughter and asked: "Who paid the money to save my child?".

The doctors then gazed at one another and they all turned their heads towards the elderly man. Sheriel turned to the elderly man too and stood before him speechless.

They looked at each other for sometime without uttering a word. Then Sheriel broke the silence in the room and asked "Who are you?".

The elderly man smiled and answered ,"I'm Justice Cinder".

To be continued

Akosua Nyadubea Addo,
Mt Olivet School,
Odeneho Kwadaso.