Letters: Teach children to use mobile phones effectively

BY: Junior Graphic
Parents have to put in measures for children to use mobile phones for the right reasons.  

Dear Editor, Mobile phones have become very important and are now part and parcel of our lives.

The phone is used by everyone to make phone calls, and send messages to our loved ones who are not close to us, also through the phone, we can access the Internet to go about our various activities. Children cannot be left out when it comes to the use of mobile phones.

The mobile phone helps children access the Internet to do their research work and learn. The Internet helps children learn through the various electronic- learning platforms which became common during the COVID-19 pandemic. It helped children to learn even when they were kept at home.

It is also used by schoolchildren to make calls to their parents and friends. For instance, when a child is at home and an armed robber breaks in, the child can dial the police hotline and the child’s life and property can be saved. Children can also receive calls from their parents to check on them or ask them to do something.

Again, children play educational games on their mobile phones. Through the games, their minds become active and broadened which promotes learning. For there is a saying that, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. It also helps keep the children at home in the sense that they get occupied with their phones and do not roam about with friends who sometimes influence them negatively.

Even though the use of mobile phones can have negative effects if children are taught well how to use the phone effectively.


Abena Nyarko Gyamfi,

Martyrs of Uganda R.C Basic School,

Mamprobi, Accra.