Letter: Improve education of students in rural areas

BY: Eugenia Adjei Mensah
• Childrern in some rural areas learn under deplorable conditions

Dear Editor, Over the years, the academic performance of students in rural areas has been poor due to a number of factors.

Some parents and guardians are financially handicapped and, therefore, find it difficult to provide their wards with the necessary learning materials. Also, because some of the parents are not educated, they do not see the importance of education.

Moreover, the kind of tuition that students in the rural areas receive also contributes to their poor performance. Supervision is sometimes poor and some teachers do not teach or explain the right concepts of topics in class. These, among other things, do not help students grasp the correct things to improve on their academic performance.

It is important that we change our attitude towards education and help students in the rural areas improve their academic performance for their own development and that of the country.


Prince K. Damoah,

Acherensua SHS,