Letter: Develop savings habit

BY: Junior Graphic
•  Learning to save helps one to develop important life skills.

Dear Editor, I urge young people to develop a habit of saving little monies they have  in order to make them self-reliant and disciplined with their finances as they grow into adults.

When young people learn to save it helps them to develop important life skills such as being independent, diligent, planning and setting realistic goals.

It will also help them set money aside for emergencies or future plans.

It is necessary for young people to get a piggy bank or ‘susu’ box and save the monies they receive as gifts or earn.

They could fall on such monies to buy things they need or get their parents to invest to yield dividends for the future.

When you save, it is easier to receive help from others because once someone knows you are helping yourself by saving, it makes it easier for the person to offer help when you are in need.

Christopher Lamptey,
Tema, Community 6.