I want strong bond with dad

BY: Hannah A Amoah

Dear Auntie Betty, I am in Junior High School Form Two. I want to get close to my dad but he is not home most of the time. It is my mum I see often and to whom I am close.
But I want to develop a strong relationship with my father. What should I do?

Dear Clarissa, You have to make use of the least opportunity you get to see your father. Let him know how much you love and appreciate him and would like to develop a strong father-daughter relationship so he should put you in his plans anytime he comes around and even when he is away. I am sure he will understand.
When your dad is home, you could suggest to him things you would like both of you to do. It could simply be your dad helping you with school work, taking a ride together, go shopping or watching a family movie.
When you are with him, talk about school, friends, your challenges, dreams and aspirations. You could also discuss with him which times are convenient to speak to him on phone when he is not home. Talk to him about anything and I am positive he will support and give you good advice.
Research has also shown that daughters who have loving relationship with their fathers are more assertive, are more likely to pursue higher education and feel better about themselves.
It is good to have a strong and loving relationship with your father. It builds a foundation of trust and support, and both of you have fun and create memories that last for a lifetime.
All the best.