How can I show appreciation to my friend?

BY: Hannah A Amoah

How can I show appreciation to my friend?
Dear Auntie Betty, I am in junior high school Form One. I have a friend who has been very good to me and I want her to know how much I appreciate her.
What do you suggest? Should I buy her a gift or give the money to her?
Grace, Asamankese.

Dear Grace, Since you are not earning any income, I am wondering where you will get the money from. Is it from your savings? If it is money from your savings, then I suggest you talk to your parents first before you spend it.
Buying your friend a gift to show appreciation is not bad. What you have to bear in mind is that, you do not have to get anything expensive to impress her. It is the thought behind the gift that matters.
There are other ways you could show appreciation to your friend. You could write a thank you note to her. Also saying a  simple ‘thank you’ to her is good enough. If you are good in arts and craft, you could make something beautiful and give it to her.
You can also show appreciation by being a kind, loyal and faithful friend to her. Tell her often how grateful you are to have her as a friend.
A 2019 study published in the ‘Journal of Happiness’ said gratitude was linked to happiness in children by age. This means when gratitude is instilled in children at a young age, they could grow up to be happier people.
Another 2011 study published in Psychological Assessment found out that grateful teens were among other things more satisfied with their lives and used their strengths to improve their communities.
It is good to always show gratitude and this is a virtue you should keep.
All the best.