Editorial: Strive for the best this year

Editorial: Strive for the best this year

It is the beginning of another year of great accomplishments and everyone is happy to be strong and ready to work hard to improve themselves as well as make a mark in their endeavours.

As children, most of you make New Year resolutions which is a good way to help you reflect on what's


important to you and focus on who you want to become.

Since it is the beginning of a new academic year, you are already focused to excel in your academic work. Know that great achievements cannot be accomplished through wishful thinking.

Besides, your ultimate goal should be to progress in your education, so this is the time to be serious with your books, be disciplined and meet the goals you have set for yourselves.

It is important for all schoolchildren to know that they are the future leaders of the country and the

management of our dear country depends on them so it is prudent to prepare for the daunting task ahead which can only be realised by determination and hard work.

Every year comes with its own challenges and obstacles, which causes us to sway sometimes but you

need to stay focused on your resolve, be persistent, and confident and develop a positive attitude to whatever you set out to do. Overcoming such hurdles will gradually make you victorious.

If it is Mathematics, English Language or Integrated Science that you have problems with, your

best strategy is to take steps to address those problems till you improve. Don’t keep it to yourself and suffer in silence. Don’t allow the money invested in your education to go to waste. Keep working on them till you succeed.

This year, the Junior Graphic encourages all basic schoolchildren to work assiduously to improve on

their previous performance and always make a conscious effort to be among the best.

Fortunately, the paper is the mouthpiece of every Ghanaian child. Aside from assisting you in your school work, it also nurtures you to be well-rounded and morally upright adults in the future.

We will continue to provide you with interesting and exciting stories in Ghana and

around the world as well as educational materials. therefore, be it Mathematics, English Language or Integrated Science that you have problems with, send your nagging questions for solutions.

Students who regularly read the Junior Graphic and work out problems published in the paper will obviously improve their performance in school in the long run and be successful in their academic work.

You also have to be a good, respectful and obedient child, while focussing on your studies. try as much as possible to get along with your parents so you can discuss all your problems with them. they are your best friends and can give you good counsel.

Help with the chores at home so that your parents will assist you whenever you are in need of anything. Also, make good friends who can impact your lives positively. Junior Graphic wishes all the best in their endeavours and also encourages them to continue patronising the paper and take advantage of its numerous opportunities.

All the best.

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