Dealing with self-sabotage

BY: Junior Graphic

Any behaviour that prevents us from achieving our objectives is considered self-sabotage. It's a form of self-deception in which we reassure ourselves that we don't really want what we know (deep down) will benefit us.

Procrastination (i.e. putting off work for hours, delaying a breakup with a toxic partner), choosing comfort over health (i.e. self-medicating with drugs and alcohol or stress-eating) and allowing our inner critic to take control are some of the most common ways we act against ourselves.

These actions may appear insignificant, but they add up over time. As a result, we lose faith in our own words and, as a result, our confidence and self-worth. I recommend that you stay accountable and continue to improve yourself.

Changing our habits and thinking patterns is difficult since they have become second nature to us. When our self-destructive behaviours begin to obstruct our progress, it's worth attempting to unlearn them and replace them with more beneficial ones

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