Creative Writers and Debaters Club celebrates 1st anniversary

BY: Mohammed Ali

The Creative Writers and Debaters Club (CREWDEC) Saturday celebrated its first anniversary on the theme, “Carving a niche for yourself, brighten the corner where you are".

As part of activities marking their anniversary, the children who are students of Bethel ECG School at Old Fadama, popularly known as Sodom and Gomorrah, performed dance choreography and poetry recitals.

Speaking at the event, the Founder of the club and a teacher at the school, Mr Timothy Tayabnyi Ngnenbe, said the club was established to help students identify problems regarding their community.

Mr Ngnenbe explained that the dream to make an impact in the community is not through the barrel of the gun, but through the point of the pen.

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"That is why the motto for the club is 'the pen is mightier than the sword', "he added.

He said he decided to bring children together so that they can make an impact in their community.

Mr Ngnenbe said the club's mission was to empower the powerless by properly imparting knowledge and skills to people.

He said: “In pursuance of this goal, we hold fast to the core principles of loyalty, trust, truth and intelligence, not forgetting competence. That is the niche we are carving for ourselves. We have the belief that we will brighten wherever we find ourselves.”

He said even though their corner is obscured, and can even be compared to the biblical manger, something good came from Nazareth.

“We have a strong conviction that even though we find ourselves in a very obscure corner. We can still carve a niche for ourselves; we can still brighten the corner in which we find ourselves.”

He said the club discusses pertinent issues, picks angles and writes stories.

“We have more than 30 articles to our credit; we are now working to create a blog so that we can put these stories for the international community to have access to it.

The President of the club humbly appealed to all philanthropists, parents and organisations to support their cause.

A guest speaker at the event, Ms. Roberta Abbeyquaye, advised the children to read more books in order to widen their knowledge on issues.

“Let us not be a part of a generation or system that is inefficient because we do not read. Remember that the more you read, the more you are empowered and that is only way you can empower the powerless through creative writing," she said.