Children sensitised to cultures

BY: Haruna Yussif Wunpini, KOFORIDUA

Blessed King of Glory School at Koforidua in the New Juaben South Municipality in the Eastern Region has organised a cultural day to educate schoolchildren on the way of life of the various tribes in the country.

Children who are Akans were dressed in kaba and slit, those from the North were in smock popularly known as ‘fugu, the Krobos displayed the kaba and beads, the Ewes were also in slit and kaba with beads around their necks.

The children who were accompanied by their parents presented delicacies of some ethnic groups. They include fufu for Akans, tuo zaafi for Northerners, Akple for Ewes and plantain with kontomire stew for Krobos as well as kenkey for Gas'.

They displayed their skills in traditional dances such as the Damba for the Northerners, particularly the Dagombas, Nanumbas and Mamprusis and did the Dipo for Krobos, Agbadza for Ewes and Kete/Adowa for Akans.

According to the Administrator of the  school,  Rev. Robert Yaw Asare, the event was to sensitise children to the customs and traditions of their tribes which were fading due to Western influence.

 Lost heritage
 Rev Asare stressed the need for children to learn about such cultures and traditions so they could be preserved for future generations.

He said while some of the customs and traditions were bad and outmoded, others were very good and should be preserved for posterity.

Rev. Asare expressed concern about cultural studies which has been scrapped from the educational curriculum and appealed to the authorities to bring the subject back.

• The Krobos clad in Kaba and beads