Auntie Betty:I can’t solve a single Maths question

BY: Junior Graphic

Dear Aunty Betty, I am a girl of 14 years and in junior high school (JHS) Form Two. I have never been able to solve or get any mathematics question correct. This problem started from upper primary when arithmetics became more difficult for me.

My friends have been very helpful but some also make mockery of me. My teachers have been helping me a lot but I still find it difficult to solve mathematics questions.

I have also learnt that mathematics is needed in all areas of study, including accounting, engineering and journalism among others.

This is actually making me very worried. How can I successfully achieve my aspirations?

Erica, Koforidua.


My dear  Erica, most people have a fear for mathematics because they have made up their minds that it is a difficult subject. I hope you’re not one of those people.

You have to make an effort to overcome your fear of the subject and you will be on the right track to recovery. Without that resolution, all the help you are getting from your friends and teachers will come to nought.

You cannot run away from mathematics no matter what course you want to pursue, whether you want to be a seamstress or an artist. Without a skill and good sense in calculating or measuring, you cannot be good in those fields as well.

Erica, you must learn your multiplication table well since that will help you to calculate. You also need to pay attention in class and practise what you are taught over and over again to master it.

If your parents can afford it, then let them get a private teacher to also help you. Mathematics needs constant practise so do well to solve questions everyday especially the ones that are difficult and I believe you will overcome the problem.