Help, I want to give up on life

BY: Junior Graphic

Dear Auntie Betty, I am 18 years and an SHS graduate. Our results were released a few weeks ago and when I checked mine, I passed in seven of the subjects but failed in Maths.

From the day I checked it, I’ve been sad and feel like giving up on life. I am worried that I can’t continue my education.

Worried Person.

Dear Worried Person, I understand the pain you might be going through now, especially when you know your friends might be leaving you behind. Performing badly in an examination should not make you give up on life. Your life is important so don’t do anything that will put your life in danger.

You should also know that not passing in one subject does not make you a poor student. Life is always not smooth sailing. Sometimes things are good, but other times they are not so good. There are difficult and hard times in life so you need to be prepared for everything that comes up and continue to forge ahead. My dear, do you know you might gain admission to a tertiary institution even with your grades and have the opportunity to rewrite the Maths paper? Please do not give up at all. 

It is normal to be sad but I suggest you do not allow this mishap to mar your bright future. If you were able to pass all the other subjects, I believe you did well so find out from the school you intend continuing your education if you can be admitted while you register to resit Maths.

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Even if you are unsuccessful with that, that is not the end of the world. You have great potential and will surely be great one day if you don’t give up. Do you know there are many who rewrite a number of papers more than once to enter university? Please take your time and don’t give up so easily.

I am always available, so if you have nobody to talk to or confide in please call me on 0261761733 or 0302-684022 so we can talk further. All the best.