Dad is a drunkard

Dear Auntie Betty, I am in junior high school Form Two. My father is a drunkard. He always harasses and beats me in his drunken state.


This is affecting my studies because I cannot stop thinking about it.
Worried Girl




Dear Worried Girl, This is a very serious situation you find yourself in and it has to stop immediately. Your dad cannot continue to abuse you no matter what state he is in. A father is supposed to care and nurture and not to abuse. Clearly, he needs help.
Do you live with your mum? Does she know what is going on? If your mum knows and is not doing anything about it, then I suggest you talk to a relative your dad respects or a teacher you trust to speak to your dad on your behalf.
What your dad is doing is a criminal offence and he could find himself in serious trouble if he is reported. When he gets to know that he can go to jail for his behaviour, I am sure he will put an end to it.
In the meantime, I suggest you try and avoid him in his drunken state. Stay out of his way and do not say or do anything that will upset him. At a time when he is sober, you can muster courage and let him know how his behaviour is affecting you. Go about that in a respectful manner and plead with him to seek help.
Living with someone who has a drinking problem or any form of addiction is hard and it can affect you in so many ways. It is good you have opened up to seek advice. I encourage you to stay strong and bear in mind that your education is very important so no matter the circumstance, you must do your best so that it does not affect your academic work.
This is not easy but so far as you are determined and committed to your school work, you can do it. You may also talk to a counsellor if you have one in your school to help you cope. If you do all these and the abuse continues, then you should report to the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit of the Police Service (DOVVSU).
I wish you the very best. 



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