Hospital 'hit in Aleppo air strike'


At least 15 people are reported to have been killed and dozens wounded in a series of air strikes on rebel-held areas in the Syrian city of Aleppo.

One of the strikes hit near the Bayan hospital in the eastern Shaar district, activists and a monitoring group said.

Video footage, purportedly of the aftermath, showed bodies being pulled from burning and destroyed buildings.

It was not clear who was responsible, but government forces are seeking to regain control of the divided city.

In a defiant speech on Tuesday, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad promised to retake "every inch" of the country from his opponents.

Aleppo, he said, would be "the graveyard where the hopes and dreams" of Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan - a key backer of the rebels - would be "buried".

The speech to Syria's newly-elected parliament was Mr Assad's first major address since UN-brokered indirect peace talks in Geneva broke down in April.

Life inside rebel-held Aleppo.

Aleppo, once Syria's commercial and industrial hub, has been divided since 2012, with the government controlling the western half and rebel factions holding the east.

But in recent months, government forces backed by Russian air strikes have almost encircled the rebel-held areas and cut off one of the rebels' two routes to Turkey.

The battle for the city led to the collapse of a cessation of hostilities negotiated by Russia and the US, which supports the opposition, at the end of February.

The Local Co-ordination Committees (LCC), an opposition activist network, reported that Tuesday's air strikes had resulted in multiple casualties in the Maadi, Haidariya and Shaar districts.