Why cultivate habit of reading?

BY: Senorita Naana Asare
 We must read to be inspired
 We must read to be inspired

Reading is important in the lives of people, particularly students, as it is the source of knowledge, new skills, new information and new ideas. The greatest gift an individual can possess is a passion for reading.

Reading inspires and empowers. Reading enhances one’s creativity. A person might have a great ability or talent but might hide it because he has neither inspiration nor encouragement to bring it out.

Through reading, an individual gets inspired and encouraged and can discover his/her true talents as a result. Books have within their pages, inspirational quotes and sayings that are inspirational.

Vladimir Nabokov, a Russian novelist and poet said a good reader has imagination, memory, a dictionary and some artistic sense.

Also, reading entertains. Reading kills boredom. In a certain town, a teenager used to move about with books. She was always either going to the library or to a bookshop for books.

A lot of teenagers and other young girls have toys and other games but are always bored.

Reading increases understanding. With reading, one understands deeply.

When a teacher, for instance teaches a topic that is not understandable, when one reads his/her notes or books, it helps with understanding. Reading helps one to pass exams. Reading also helps to write and explain points vividly during an examination.

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