Who is above the law?

Author: Sika Mintah Afari
Are the montie trio any different from Kwame Gyebi?
Are the montie trio any different from Kwame Gyebi?

In every country there is a system of rules regulating the actions of the people which is termed as a law and those found in the grip of the law must dance to its music. 

Following the aftermath of the Montie trio sentence, a lot of people have expressed their displeasure against the verdict of the judges while others also believe that they deserve their fate.

I believe these people are not the first to suffer for passing inflammatory comments.

If my memory serves me right, on 29th February 2016, one Kwame Gyebi was arrested for allegedly making a statement that President John Dramani Mahama will fall during this year’s Independence Day parade. 

The question is, why didn’t anyone hold vigils for his release or asked the president to pardon him? Since one could have defended him that he was under the influence of alcohol at the time he passed such comment.

Are the Montie trio any different from Kwame Gyebi? Or is it because they are affiliated to the National Democratic Congress, they don’t deserve to be punished? Although I share their pain, I believe President Mahama should not succumb to the pressures from both executives and supporters of the ruling National Democratic Congress and use Article 72 to free them.

The President's involvement will raise a lot of eyebrows as well as questions from all angles.

According to the constitution, the judiciary has the sole responsibility in administering jurisdiction in all matters so the President interference will make people question the superiority and power of the judiciary.

Moreover, the serenity in the country can come to disruption which could affect the impending election. Anyone could misbehave and think might get away with it. Can you imagine what will happen in a country without a law? I believe your guess is as good as mine.

President Mahama will create a room for others to commit similar or more serious crimes.

As a President, sometimes your decisions and actions may not favour all. You may step on others' toes when making such decisions but that should not stop you from doing what is right.  

If President Mahama grants them the presidential pardon, others will take advantage of his leniency and will also be seen as weak and biased.

I wonder what would have happened if the convicts were from the opposition party. 

A lot of people in this country hide behind democracy and say all sorts of disrespectful things to those in authority which is not encouraging at all.

The law must therefore be held in high esteem.

I believe it is high time people took responsibility for their own actions. Someone has to be used as a scapegoat to serve as a deterrent to others who are fond of issuing threats.