Spare Dr. Adutwum the vetting process - he is over-qualified

BY: Joe Effah-Nkyi

The ritualistic process of parliamentary vetting to ‘test the pulse’ of Honourable members who happen to be nominated by his excellency the President for ministerial positions to man strategic areas of the economy and for that matter country at large, as legally enshrined in the 1992 constitution, has again presented with us another real opportunity.

Be it as it may, one very personality who conspicuously stands tall in the midst of the multitude is Hon. Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum, the incumbent Member of Parliament for Bosomtwe constituency in the Ashanti region of Ghana who has been nominated to head the Education Ministry.

Unquestionably, this Honourable member is so down to earth when it comes to execution of mandated tasks and general morality. So principled, he is one person who eschews nepotism when it comes to political affiliation. Any individual who gets close to him would come to the realization that his affability transcends all human boundaries.

Serving as the Deputy Minister of Education, his actions and inactions culminated in most positive educational reforms and policies that were formulated by the ministry. The excellent results accomplished by recent SHS graduates is a clear manifestation of the positive inputs he contributed.

In the conviction of many of us, this honourable member has so much endeared himself to the people of Ghana through selflessness, humility, exhibiting greater expertise in the discharge of his obligations and above all demonstrating prudent leadership skills.

Parliament should spare the honourable this ritualistic vetting process which many of us, undoubtedly, perceive as a wasteful venture as far as he is concerned and score him the required 100%, for him to assume the Education Ministry as the substantive Minister.

In fact, he is seen to be over-qualified and besides he is God chosen to right the wrongs within the educational sector that would, subsequently, lead to improve Ghana’s pedagogical frontier as pertains in most jurisdictions.