Parliament House Taxi station?

BY: Charles Benoni Okine

The frontage of Parliament House in Accra is gradually being turned into a mini taxi rank.

The cabs that used to drive by and pick random passengers to various destinations now prefer to station there permanently and wait for passengers.

That turn of desire is gradually making that spot a lorry park of a sort.

Before the Covid-19 restrictions, a good number of them were seen there on both sides, especially if the House, or the State Banquet Hall, or the Accra International Conference Centre opposite, hosted an event.

The situation is back though, and with the further easing of the Covid-19 restrictions, one can expect the situation to get worse.

As has been the attitude of duty bearers, the authorities are glossing over the illegality for the perpetrators to entrench their position. A knee-jerk resolution would later be applied, rolling the situation into another ball game.

The House of Parliament is a serious security zone that must not be taken for granted.

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