Open Letter to Martin Amidu

BY: Razak Abu

Is Martin Amidu now intoxicated with a flotilla of irresponsible commentary?

Martin Amidu, you appear to be running out of gas in your attacks against your own party and its members. To begin to engage in conjecture, speculation and absolute falsehood is beginning to mark a certain sense of degeneration in your perceived role as a mouth piece of the NPP’s witch-hunt against NDC members.

It also appears your store of knowledge and arsenal to continue attacking the NDC is fast depleting. But, since in your view you have to continue to be relevant in the scheme of the NPP as a good soldier still in service, even after the party has won power, to me, it’s a betrayal of your exhaustion.

However, because hateful people do not give up, your degeneration into conjecture and speculation is understandable, although you appear not to see lately that, the issues you raise ridicule and demean you. For instance in the following statement of yours, contained in a story of Citi FM online of 7th August, 2017 titled “NDC appointed Charlotte Osei to rig election – Martin Amidu” you made an absolute out of pure conjecture and complete falsehood and based upon this twisted suspicion you exposed your obscene appetite to please the NPP. In that story you said;

“…as I said time without number during the 2016 elections, she was appointed by a corrupt Government precisely because of her incompetence that made her susceptible for use for an election rigging agenda.”

Martin Amidu, what is your proof for the above claim, except to be de-generatively irresponsible?

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Using your own logic, is it ok for me to also suggest that, the heavy dose of your inferiority complex is what has made you susceptible to be used by the NPP as a tool to constantly attack your own party?

You also said:
“Her appointing Government failed in the rigging agenda despite all the attempts by the Commission to narrow the election to a two-party race to facilitate easy rigging for the incumbent.”

Again what is your proof of the above reckless claim?

In addition, you said:
“She has, either on her own or at the instance of her mentor, been trying to recycle herself as a neutral Electoral Commissioner after her Church Papa mediated her peaceful announcement of the election results.”

Finally, Martin Amidu, what is your proof of the above claim again, except to be insulting to an innocent professional of the state? Even if you and Madam Charlotte Osei were both not Lawyers, don’t you have any sense of measurement to determine that she is also someone’s wife? If you cannot subject your own wife to such insults in public, don’t you think it is completely out of place to subject someone’s wife to such undeserving and needless insults in public, especially when you carelessly attacked her reputation she spent all her life to build?

To use such words on the respected Chair Person of the Electoral Commission, to say the least, in my view, is unbecoming of an adult of your caliber. Nevertheless, since you have thrown all caution to the wind and have chosen to use all sorts of unprintable words on your innocent targets, you have invariably endorsed the use of such words on yourself, in fact, also without caution and restraint.

In conclusion, I have chosen to ignore in your article that gave rise to the above cited Cifi FM online story attributed to you, your desperate attempt to prepare the grounds and minds of Ghanaians in support of the removal of the Electoral Commissioner. I chose to ignore that because, doing so will dignify the fruitless attempts to create chaos in this country by the NPP government with their veiled attempt to exercise an irreversible error of judgement with their moves to push out the EC boss.



Razak Abu
Researcher (Member of the NDC Election Review Committee)