NPP recruits ‘grave diggers’

 Ghana Cylinder Manufacturing Company and its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Madam Frances Essiam
Ghana Cylinder Manufacturing Company and its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Madam Frances Essiam

Within the New Patriotic Party (NPP) are party activists who neither fear God nor guide themselves by history. Ignorant of both history and the biblical reminder that it is only God who appoints kings, these activists are engaging in acts that are tantamount to digging the party’s grave.

In the matter between the board of directors of the Ghana Cylinder Manufacturing Company and its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Madam Frances Essiam, I not only smell but actually see the work of a ‘grave digger’.  To shut down a whole state-owned factory merely because the CEO wanted to stop an emergency board meeting is not only thoughtless but an act that amounts to wilfully causing financial loss to the state.

At the emergency board meeting, she was going to answer charges of mismanagement and award of contracts without the approval of the board or the Energy Ministry,  among other charges.

So for a whole day, Tuesday, May 8, 2018, no liquuefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders were produced, clients drove back without their cylinders because the CEO had ordered the company’s gates locked and asked the workers not to report for work.

I can’t pass judgement. What I am interested in is that the state lost money that day in a company which is so broke that the CEO had to borrow money to pay February 2018 salaries.

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Another ‘grave digger’ is the immediate past Northern Regional Chairman of the NPP, Daniel Bugri Naabu. I am not certain that his defeat at the recent polls will silence him but Bugri Naabu, by his words, constitutes a ‘grave digger’ within the party.

Recall his allegation that the Gender Minister, Otiko Afisa Djaba, and the Upper East Regional Minister Rockson Bukari, were “deeply involved” in the murder of the then NPP Upper East Regional Chairman, Adams Mahama. He ate his words only when he saw a court action looming.

Recall his opposition to plans by the Greater Accra Regional Minister, Ishmael Ashitey,  to relocate the Fadama Market in Accra to Adjen Kotoku on the outskirts of Accra, to help (according to the IGP) in policing the area and guarantee some stability.

Bugri Naabu called a press conference in Accra and retorted: “No relocation will be done.”

On May 27, 2017, a coalition of NPP supporters in the Northern Region called a press conference to warn Bugri Naabu to “watch his tongue”, saying his pronouncements on issues since the party returned to power had the tendency of sending the party back to opposition.

And now the latest NPP grave digger, Hajia Fati. People familiar with NPP internal politics are not surprised she slapped a female journalist who, she said, “looked like an onion seller”. The impudence!

The massive victory of the party in 2016 has gotten some people drunk with power. In their drunken stupor, they are under anaesthesia and in that condition where Election 2020 seems too far away or may never come.

By now it should be clear to the NPP that victory in Election 2016 was not  human victory. This was God’s victory and just as He removed His providential hand under the NDC in 2016 , so can He in 2020. He is God. He raises up kings and overthrows kings.

On Monday, December 12, five days after victory, Dan Kweku Botwe, the General, was on Peace FM’’s morning show to declare that (and I paraphrase): “This victory is not a human victory. It is a wind that is blowing.”

In 2016, God did not vote: human beings did. Those human beings will be around in 2020.

While at it, I am minded to recall another set of ‘grave diggers’. I am talking of the Delta Forces. A lot has been said about them already and I pray that the NPP has duly forewarned itself.

For the purpose of today’s piece, I am recalling the atrocities of these NPP forces only to lament over the formation of The Hawks, NDC’s “vigilante” group of “heavily muscled men in black T-shirts”  seen by the media at the latest Unity Walk by the NDC in the Ashanti Region.

The NDC will definitely retort that it is a counter force against NPP’s “Forces”. What most Ghanaians will remind the NDC of is that this whole phenomenon of vigilantism (so-termed) was first christened ‘Azorka Boys’, used for the purpose of straightening out NDC members who stepped out of line.

Cancer starts with a malignant cell that multiplies. Cancer starts as a tumour – which is curable.  Cancer, when it is full blown, is incurable. By the formation of The Hawks, the tumour is almost cancerous. It is, for me, the most dangerous development in Ghanaian politics. No one, not even the Council of State,the Peace Council, the Chief Imam or the Pope, can stop the spread of this cancer introduced by the two parties.

Why? Because it is politics - killing, maiming, buying one’s way to power to control state resources without let or hindrance, replacing all top civil or public servants, ambassadors and state CEOs with hungry set from the victorious party.