Henry Quartey — Greater Accra Regional Minister
Henry Quartey — Greater Accra Regional Minister

Gt. Accra Minister, please help me access my plot

I have had to resort to your busy and highly esteemed office for assistance because all efforts to have the Amasaman Municipal Assembly (A.M.A.) remove a building blocking the entrance to my plot No.18 situated at Adjeiman Kramo in the Amasaman District of the Greater Accra Region has proved futile.

In 2021, I reported the issue to the AMA after all efforts to resolve this with the builder (Sofo Ayitey) had failed.  

After several invitations to have him present his indenture and building permit to the assembly had failed, a Stop Work order was written on the aforementioned building followed by a partial demolition on November 10, 2021.

Sir, since then, it’s been one excuse after the other on the part of the AMA and the playing of different tactics on the part of Sofo Ayitey; thus, causing me a lot of frustration and huge financial loss.  

A typical example is when on Friday, August 12, 2022, a fence wall I had constructed in front of my plot was pulled down by Sofo Ayitey (I have a video to show you).

 Although I reported this to the Dom Police, near the onion market, not a penny has been paid to me till today.  

When this “Plan A” did not yield the expected results, Sofo Ayitey contracted a female police officer with a fake indenture to harass and cause my arrest on September 22, 2022, claiming she owned two plots out of the four plots (reference page 10 of Monday, December 5, 2022, edition of the Daily Graphic).

Please, come to my rescue because this two-year wait has cost me my job and I still see no end in sight.

Helena Haywood-Daddie.
Mob: 0504665312

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