Finally, carry on you a sense of humour

BY: The Mirror

I am sure by now folks have started planning their next vacation across Ghana together.   That would be very good for the tourism communities visited, hotels and restaurants.

Such an expedition would also be good for the health and bonding of these families. Yes, it can be expensive, but what in our dear nation currently isn’t? In the long run, it offers you and your family quality experience of a life time.  Above all, a family time on the road solves other problems which money cannot.

To stay on the money bit a minute longer, let us just say that it involves two things - planning and saving. Some readers have asked me and that is the only secret.


 You see all those white people who come here on tour? Just ask them. Apart from those who are on business trips for their companies, all of them would give you the same answer.

Like I’ve always said one saves for a leisure trip just as you would for a new TV set, a professional course or a dental procedure. It requires a cost benefit analysis vis-à-vis other needs.

The crucial thing is that just like that new smartphone; traveling out is also important - for your well-being and image and social integration and all the other good reasons why people leave the comforts of their homes for days.

For a family trip, it is important that everyone is involved in the planning (I wish I could say that for the saving as well). So, though it’s mummy and daddy paying the bill everyone has a fair idea of what the budget is and how it’s going to cost the family.

That way it is easier for everyone to understand that because of the trip that new Ipad would have to wait or the living room rug would not be changed just yet. Basically, everyone knows and accepts the sacrifices.

 We would wish to cap the series by dealing with the expectations of folks who would like to go on such tours. Fact of the matter is that having invested  time (including, possibly work leave time), money and energy on the road tour, people would expect much. Oh, yes, they would!

The ground truth, however, is that in Ghana a lot would happen out there to let you down. Please don’t get me wrong. It is still worth going out. And day in and day out, others from outside are coming in to tour (and Heaven knows that many of these foreign tourists know Ghana better than the average Ghanaian). So if we do not experience the attractions of our own country what kind of people are we?

There is a radio advert currently running which speaks of a worker going on a family vacation to Dubai. (Well, good for him). In the ad, his boss is all envious wondering how his subordinate could afford that. The boss confesses that his family holiday is in his holy village. (Good for him too).

 We can’t begrudge a man who can afford to fly his family out. Neither can we hold something against a fellow whose idea of vacation travel is always to the hometown.

But for the sake of our country’s domestic tourism efforts, both guys have missed the point. We need to expose ourselves and our kids to other parts of our own Ghana. By all means, let’s go out there and see our country, and experience the fields and meet other Ghanaians.

Having said that, it is also good to know that your days on the road would not all be honky-dory-such- a- lovely- place-hahaha.  This is Ghana. As a nation we have not invested in that - yet! Our travel systems and infrastructure leave much to be desired.

So, what should we expect? First of all, looking for information to plan would be a bit difficult. Most of our destinations do not provide information to help you plan.

If you happen to find something in a brochure or online, you still have to cross check that the facilities cited and rates are current. This is because half the time they are out-dated and one gets to know the real deal after one has gone all the way!