Celebrating Indian Republic @ 74
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Celebrating Indian Republic @ 74

Seventy-four years ago today (January 26, 2023), India became a Republic, adopting a Constitution deep-rooted in its civilisational values, culture and heritage.

It paved the way for an independent India to tread steadfastly, dealing with all the challenges resulting from its colonial past on the path of national development.

And, after more than seven decades of its journey, the Indian Republic is, today, celebrating 75 years of independence with a celebration of its achievements and new resolve to work harder to scale the new heights so that India @100 would be the nation which the founders had dreamt of.

Strong democracy

Today, India is rapidly emerging as the strongest democracy in the world.

It is not only the largest democracy population-wise, but also the most vibrant and functional democratic governance system globally.

Its polity is comprehensively representative of a large and diverse nation, both vertically and horizontally, which means there is not a section of the society or a region of the country which has no political representation.

Indian’s 1.4 billion people strongly believe in the spirit and tenets of the idea of India, with enthusiastic and wholehearted participation in electing their representatives from time to time.

Elections in India are not only the largest such exercise in the world, but also the only one which is now digital in nature, since the voting is 100 per cent electronic.

This is not a mean achievement for a huge and diverse country like India, which was destroyed by the centuries of oppression of foreign rule and colonisation.

This was possible not just because of the spirit and grit of Indian people, but because of the toil of the members of the Constituent Assembly in laying the strong foundation to build the Republic, and that is why when India is celebrating 75 years of independence, it is also the time to celebrate the success of Indian Republic.

New global economy

On such strong foundation, a new India is being built, which has emerged as the new global economic powerhouse presently, as the 5th largest economy of the world.

It is expected that by 2028, India will be the 3rd largest economy and by 2047, when India becomes 100 years old since its independence, it will be a $26 trillion economy.

India’s economic achievements are the direct result of its credentials as a Republic.

India’s Republic is held high and celebrated by its more than one billion young people.

As the largest young nation in the world, India focuses in a big way on technology, innovation, creation and futuristic vision.

It is fast emerging as the manufacturing hub for the world.

It is already the pharmacy of the world and soon will be the knowledge capital of the world.

With more than 90,000 registered start-ups and more than 100 Unicorns, it is already the third largest start-up eco-system in the world.

Putting in place such an eco-system is bound to unleash new energies of the young Indians.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, which badly hit a big and diverse country like India, it is the fastest growing major economy in the world.

The efforts are on to build a trustworthy global supply hub which will not allow for a disruption of the supply chains if the pandemics are to reoccur in future.

This sense of global responsibility comes from the tenets of the Indian Republic.


The Republic celebrates the transformation leading to huge growth, and at the same time, ensures that it is balanced with inclusion and sustainability.

Inclusion, both vertically and horizontally, i.e. through all the sections of the society and through all the regions of India, is an important value of the Indian Republic, which has been the touchstone of the developmental policies and efforts in India.

At the same time, the Republic ensures that the developmental efforts are sustainable with due attention given to mother nature.

With all these strengths of the Indian Republic, India readies itself to take the mantle to be a leader of global growth and prosperity.

India’s leadership is deep-rooted in its civilisational thoughts of “Vasudev Kutumbakam” i.e. considering the whole world as one family.

India’s commitment is towards the well-being of the whole of humanity, transgressing all boundaries.

While celebrating the achievements of 75 years since independence, India would like to share it with the whole world, especially with the partners and the friends in the Global South.

In this regard, during its present G-20 Presidency, convening the “Voice of the Global South Summit” by India was immensely significant.

It clearly brings out the spirit of inclusion that India would like to push for in global growth and prosperity.

Certainly, this comes from India’s experience as a Republic.

Ghana as an old and close partner of India greatly benefits from the achievements, lessons and experiences of the Indian Republic.

India values its friendship with partners, including Ghana, while it moves on in its global leadership.

India attaches immense significance and importance to its commitment as the prime partner of Africa and Ghana in their national development by working together to build their capacities.

India has demonstrated its commitment by taking deliberate efforts, politically, economically and socio-culturally, and establishing itself as one of the largest trade, investment and development partners of Ghana, bringing the two countries and the two peoples together.

When we are celebrating the 74th Republic Day today, India is looking forward to deepening that commitment with reinvigorated efforts.

The writer is the High Commissioner of India to Ghana

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