Bad spending habits destroying relationship

BY: Mabel Faith Tannor
Bad spending habits destroying relationship
Bad spending habits destroying relationship

When it comes to love and money, there are easily recognizable habits that can thwart your relationship’s chances of success.

Some women feel that whenever money gets into their accounts or wallet, there is the need to spend on shoes, makeup, handbags, and dresses forgetting that their prospective partners are observing.

Their male counterpart will also spend their money on clubbing, outing with friends and buying kicks forgetting the ladies are observing each spending habit.

A series of interviews conducted on the streets Accra on the subject showed that neither men nor women want to spend a lifetime with someone that lacks savings habits.

According to a mobile money vendor, Samuel Preko, dating someone who lacks good spending habits give you an idea of what life choices they make when money is involved, which is why it’s important to talk about money at the earlier stages of the relationship than later.

“If you delay talking about money with a potential significant other, you might regret it,” he said.

"Yes, without money life becomes a bit difficult, but I think the lack of savings has brought about bankruptcy and dependency on relatives and friends “boyfriends”.

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This I think must be rechecked to enable us to build better relationships.

The assumption by many ladies is that when a man takes you out, he must pay for the expenses, is high time everyone start taking responsibilities for every enjoyment you wants to have. if you want to go out with him pay for it.

If you want him or her to take you out, pay for it. One can only take responsibilities when you have the ability to save and care for yourself. How can you teach children how to safe whereas your savings ability is very poor? How can your “lover” tie the knot with you when you can’t help him save?

Overspending has so many effects, especially with happiness. Money can’t buy happiness, but it can make you happier up to a certain point. Another aspect of overspending brings stress and depression. Overspending today will unquestionably lead to more stress in the long term.
One thing one must know is that if you spend money today on something purely impulsive, you won’t have money to spend tomorrow on something genuinely important to you. That Gh500 impulse buys today means you stay in debt for a little longer and pay a little bit more interest along the way.

 Issues in relation to spending needs to be taken serious and talked about in relationships in other to maintain lasting relationships.


The Manger for iMOZARP Registed Services Alfred Asiagma Boateng also added that he wouldn’t want to end up with a spending lady because he is a spending guy himself and would want to end with a partner who can help him save.

Also speaking with a Government Secretariat student Veronica Ayikah, she stated that she wouldn’t date anyone who wouldn’t spend on her. “If he spends on unnecessary things how will I know he will support the family when we marry” she said.

vero ayika
The 2018 First Runner for the Face of Pentecost University College Precious Ayida added that instead of living her partner due to bad savings habits, she will rather teach him how to save. “If you really want this person as your soulmate, you will never end a relationship because of poor spending habits, build a better relationship by giving your support of training she said”.
"Having the best in life and in your relationship, starts from the grass root. If every Ghanaian will have a daily spending plan, I think the rate at which people are becoming dependent on relatives, friends and love ones will reduce" she said.

Most people in relationship or marriages are trying to be like other rich and worthy families and relationships, as results of destroyed relationships.

Others may say their marriages and relationships are not working out well because there is no money to cater for their needs. The question here is how much do you save a week or even a month when a little money get into your pocket?

Is high time we look outside the box of receiving supports from others and living by the saying, “cut your coat according to your size” especially with money issues.money.

Good spending habits must start from the grass root. Leave within your limit and let’s teach each other in order to good spending habits in order to end the high dependency on others.