Enough of the empty threats

Our country has descended into lawlessness and indiscipline because the enforcement agencies have woefully failed to live up to expectation and rather, occasionally, issue some feeble and inconsequential threats or warnings that serve no purpose.  The results are obvious and many and could not be lost on those who care for a decent and orderly society.


One area where you can see total breakdown of law and order is the construction industry.  

Buildings and other structures spring up everywhere and anyhow without due regard to layout and building codes.  

What is supposed to be a road for public use suddenly becomes inaccessible because somebody with influence to change the rules decides to construct a house right in the middle of the road.  

If that violation becomes a public issue, the only thing we hear from the local assembly and other statutory bodies responsible for enforcing the law are warnings to penalise those who have flouted the law and tha

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