Beyond police visibility

Police visibility at strategic places in towns and cities is undeniably one of the noticeable observations one can make of Mr Mohammed Allasaan's administration as the Inspector-General of Police (IGP).

The presence of police personnel at traffic intersections, traffic lights and other vantage points have the psychological effect of assuring the public that there is always somewhere to turn to in the event of being attacked or when one requires direction to a destination.

Yes, the police are there not only to prevent crime or enforce the law.  In many civilised and enlightened jurisdictions,  the police are the best friends of any visitor or stranger who may lose his/her way in the city and may require directions. 

Some of us have experienced this on the few occasions we found ourselves outside our natural habitat called Ghana.  Whether personnel of the Ghana Police Service themselves have a good knowledge of Accra and other cities to offer any assistance in

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