NPP poised for economic miracle?

BY: Kobby Asmah

since assuming the reins of government early this year, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has  continued to give economic hopes to many Ghanaians. These hopes were even made more pronounced during the party’s 25th annual delegates’ conference which took place in Cape Coast at the weekend.

From what happened at the congress grounds last Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the NPP displayed a very determined posture to deliver the needed economic miracle for the country.

Expectedly, the expectations from the Ghanaian public for NPP to deliver on its campaign promises are so very high.   This is the big task that confronts the NPP as it strives to meet the high expectations of Ghanaians and transform the economy to greater heights. If that happens the naysayers will be put to shame.

Economic independence

Like it happened on the eve of the country’s independence in 1957, when Ghanaians were full of hope that the country would wean itself from economic dependence which till date remains elusive, will the NPP be the political party that can deliver to the people of Ghana the much needed economic independence?

Emphatic victory

The electorate, at the 2016 polls, voted out the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government for ‘non-performance’. In its wake, the people of Ghana showered the NPP with an emphatic victory in both the presidential and parliamentary elections ahead of a seemingly more united NDC. The NPP, assuming the reins of government, must therefore bring into fruition the rapid development so desired by the people.

In many ways, the country continues to lag behind in terms of infrastructural development and providing the basic needs of the people.

This is because, we as a nation have failed to translate concrete policies into actions. Many a time we have indulged in too much fanfare at the expense of actual hard work. The country is replete with multiple examples from the First Republic till now, including the discontinuation of projects. Examples which readily come to mind are the silos which were built in the First Republic to ensure food security and factories to process others to add value to raw materials.

This is where the Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo-led government must learn useful lessons and look at viable projects that can sustain the economy and create jobs and wealth for the people.

Already 8 months in govt

The Akufo-Addo-led government is already eight months or so in government and the citizenry are im-patient expecting a lot  of goodies.

The party rode to power based on the track record of former President J A Kufuor. It is, therefore, important for the current crop of NPP leaders both in government and at the party level, to be always guided by what they do in government and as a government. That is a sure way the party can endear itself to the good people of the country.

After the celebration in Cape Coast at the weekend, the NPP cannot be complacent. They need to stay focused, united and hit the ground running to fulfil all of their campaign promises.

On the theme “NPP — delivering on our promises; our roots, our strength, our future,” the party’s 25th Annual Delegates’ National Conference in Cape Coast also coincided with its silver anniversary and the 70th anniversary of the formation of the United Gold Coast  Convention (UGCC), the first political party formed in the country of which the NPP is an offshoot.

Celebrating milestone

The party deserves to celebrate the milestone it has achieved, and rightly so they did with their national delegates’ conference in Cape Coast. Prior to the 2016 election, the NPP had only seven parliamentary seats from the region but after the 2016 polls, the NPP garnered a whopping 19 seats out of 23 seats. This undoubtedly made the region a befitting region for the party to celebrate its milestone achievement.

Without any doubt, the NPP has the goodwill of the electorate, at least per the election victory of 2016, but they cannot remain complacent now that they are in power.  Indeed, the NPP cannot continue to be in a celebratory mood eight months after winning political power.  The least they can now do for the citizenry is to deliver on their promises.

Thankfully, it has begun to roll out the implementation of some of its major projects.