When a man is not a man

BY: Gifty Owusu-Amoah / Graphic Showbiz / Ghana

Just as she thought her long cherished dream of marrying the man of her heart had become reality, Mimi’s ecstasy on her wedding night  turns to “sorrow” and disappointment.

After five years of dating, she is faced with an unexpected drama on the night of her wedding that her husband is not man enough to make her “the woman she so desires.”

Maestro, the most successful footballer in Africa is left in a dilemma. Should he confess to his wife that the shadows of his past actions have come to haunt his present? 

Well, he will have to convince Mimi, his newly wedded wife why he is unable to consummate their marriage after she has set the room in the right mood with scented sheets, candles, rose petals, strawberries and champagne.

Meanwhile, Josh who had ended his relationship with longtime girlfriend, Ivy, with a phone message “this relationship is not heading anywhere” has realised his folly and making attempts to win her back. Will he succeed?

Make Me A Woman: Adults Only is another good piece of play acting from the stable of Uncle Ebo Whyte and his Roverman Productions. The suspense in the play makes it difficult to predict the outcome as each scene brings a new twist to the plot.

The play brings out the important ingredients in marriage such as sex, communication and trust that strengthen the bond in marriage. Also many married people would rather hide and present their marriages as rosy when infact they are facing. For example when the newly wed couples had to meet the media for an interview, Mimi who a few minutes before was subjecting her husband to “verbal abuse” for  not making her whole the previous night was now praising the sexual  prowess of his  husband.

Make Me a Woman: Adults Only may not be humorous filled like other plays by Uncle Ebo Whyte but it teaches a very important lesson, “there is nothing that the devil gives to you that the Lord has not already blessed you with”.

The play continues to show at the National Theatre on Saturday, March 8 and Sunday, March 9.