Pamper Your Mum with Anita on Viasat1

BY: Gifty Owusu-Amoah / Graphic Showbiz / Ghana


Viewers of Viasat1 will have opportunity to experience the comeback of Anita Erskine on TV as she hosts a new programme, Pamper Your Mum.

The new show, a production of Brand Woman Africa  owned by Anita Erskine started airing two weeks ago and  is aimed at providing a platform for single mothers to tell their tales of the many sacrifices they have had to endure to bring out the best in their children.

Pamper Your Mum, filmed in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa brings viewers both intriguing and inspiring stories of single mothers all over the world.

In a chat with Showbiz last week, Anita said Pamper Your Mum is also to appreciate single mothers by pampering  them to feel special for their outstanding roles in society.

“Season One of the show will run for three months and will feature interviews of 26 single mothers.

Anita, who endeared herself to many as an eloquent presenter during her days at TV3 where she hosted Looking for Love and Mentor said her new show is a reflection of her growth and maturity over the years.

“ I believe my status as a wife and a mother of two have influenced quite a number of interests in me such as the role women play in the world.

“Pamper Your Mum has been an eye opener for me because I have been touched by the many stories that have been told by these mothers. 

“ It will interest viewers to know how these mothers have had to survive all these years to give their children the best. How they dealt with their heartbreaks and disappointments to raise them singlehandedly.

“We can only appreciate them by pampering them so that they can appreciate their beauty which they have disregarded. They need to be appreciated because they are special” she said.

Brand Woman Africa is a network for African women around the world, whose work in television and film inspire and help to provide opportunities for African women.