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Kejetia vs Makola, a real cracker of a television comedy

Richmond Xavier Amoakoh who plays lawyer Nti
Richmond Xavier Amoakoh who plays lawyer Nti

I have been writing this column, Listening and Watching with Francis Doku in this paper, Graphic Showbiz since July 2000.

That makes it 17 years of coming to you with my opinions on things, people and organisations in the broadcast value chain in Ghana.

I will have you know that in all the 17 years that I have been doing this, the number of times I have not produced a piece to any of the editors and acting editors who have ran the paper, to be published in the column won't be up to 17. I could be lying though, but who cares? You don’t, do you?

Thus for almost 900 weeks now I have had to find something to write about in radio, television, tourism and maybe generally on creative arts every single week. Even when I am not in town, I need to find whatever means I could to get the write up to the editor or I get the roasting I deserve.

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To be honest, writing a weekly column is not a walk in the park. There are weeks when I have to really think very deeply and look around very thoroughly to get a topic or two to write about and yet there are other weeks when there is so much glut to choose from to write my column.

This week, for instance, is a week of glut. The English Premier League starts this weekend, there is the celebration of third anniversary by Starr FM to write about, there is that one year anniversary since Bola Ray left the show to Giovani and Anita to host to review and then there is the small matter of the brouhaha that engulfed social media (Facebook dranch to be specific) since Saturday when the producer of the Weekend City  Show on Joy FM and the current host descended into the pit to deal deathly blows to former host of e.TV’s State of the Nation for posting: Is this what the Weekend City Show on Joy FM has become?

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