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Thu, Nov

Workshop on creative sector underway

A Four-day workshop that aims at advocating for the update of the Creative Sector Medium Term Development Plan in order to ensure it gets in line with the 2014-2017 Ghana Shared Growth and Development Agenda is currently underway at Winneba.

Organised by the Institute for Music and Development, Ghana Culture Forum and Arterial Network Ghana Chapter, the workshop is also meant to create a conducive policy environment for the creative industries through facilitation and implementation of the Creative Sector Medium Term Strategy by 2015.

Supported by BUSAC Fund, DANIDA, International Development Cooperation, USAID and the European Union, the long-term goal is to pave the way for the development of infrastructure that would accelerate the role of the sector in terms of cultural expression and contributions to the economy.

“Our venture is to mainstream arts and culture in national development. Indeed, culture has been very much peripheral and it’s actually considered as an afterthought when we contemplate issues relating to development”, said Mr Akunu Dake, Vice Chairman of the Ghana Culture Forum.  

“The creative industry is one of the fastest developing sectors in international trade and economics. This workshop is therefore also targeted at equipping practitioners of the industry to sharpen their skills while ensuring excellence in their undertakings”, added Mr Dake, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of Heritage Development, a consultancy firm based in Accra. 

Activities lined up for discussion include introduction to advocacy, effects of regulation on private sector, advocacy and enabling business environment, tools and techniques of effective advocacy, negotiation skills, dialogue and consultations among others.

Madam Dzifa Abla Gomashie, the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, officially opened the workshop.