TV Africa premieres new programme

BY: Arku Jasmine

TV Africa, in collaboration with Film Africa, had been working at it over the last year and a half and they think the time is ripe for the new television programme called My Life, My Story (Medadwen) to start airing.

Medadwen will be premiered in the Ekua Boatemaa Studio on the TV Africa premises at North Industrial Area in Accra today, June 15 at 11:00a.m.

According to the programme’s Executive Producer, Kwaw Ansah, Medadwen was conceived to draw attention to the myriad of social circumstances that result in some of our compatriots ending up in correctional facilities or becoming addicted to narcotic substances.

The programme also highlights the plight of the  unfortunate ones who through ailments like leprosy and mental challenges, have been abandoned by society.

Though 36 episodes of the programme have been produced, today’s  premiere will present a composite of three episodes dealing with a prison inmate, the plight of a drug addict in rehabilitation  and a leper at the Weija Leprosarium.

“There are interviews with them and their stories have been dramatised for better impact on viewers. There will be a studio audience to discuss the issues that arise after the screening,” Kwaw Ansah said.

The programmes were produced and directed by Kwame Obuo.

Daily Graphic