Spirited Arts present Zadokeli

BY: Jayne Buckman-Owoo
Spirited Arts present Zadokeli
Spirited Arts present Zadokeli

Spirited Arts were founded by Adjetey and Elom Anang and is a partnership between creative and business professionals.

The company focuses on stage arts, screen arts and visual arts and seeks to project Ghanaian and African culture and stories to the world in a professional and world-class manner.

Zadokeli is an Art and Photography Exhibition in partnership with Oyarifa Mall, Parablez Gh and Simply Shox.

Venue: 2nd Floor Oyarifa Mall

Dates: Wednesday 21st December 2022 to Wednesday 4th January 2023

Time: 8 am - 7 pm daily


Wednesday 21st December 6pm - 7pm

- Opening Ceremony featuring a variety of Ghanaian traditional drumming and dancing and a poem titled ZADOKELI by The Master Brewer Prof. Ladé Wosornu

Monday 26th December - 7pm - 8pm
Dance Performance “Emergence”

Saturday 31st December

Kids Day
- Art and Craft with Simply Shox
- Ananse Storytelling time
- Animated African movie by Parablez Gh.