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Sonnie Badu, pork & tolerance
Sonnie Badu, pork & tolerance

Sonnie Badu, pork and tolerance

The issue of eating pork and its biblical or health implications has been discussed over the years, but the thorny subject has reared its head again, this time, eliciting such uproar.  

Interestingly, the person responsible for this wave of rhubarb is no other than  Minister of God, Sonnie Badu.

The man of God simply stated that pork is unclean and eating it makes one vulnerable to all forms of demonic attack – and the reactions to such a claim have been mind-blowing. Almost every portal carried the story, some major print media published it and almost every media house elevated the conversation.

Clearly, Sonnie Badu has influence and the subject of pork does hit nerves!

Outspoken & Unfazed

Until his parlay into the church business, Sonnie Badu was well known for his music but for some reason, his influence and popularity have been on the high even at a time when he has relaxed with the constant release of new music.

Sonnie is vocal, opinionated and strong-willed. He is very outspoken and virtually has an opinion on every subject.  There is no hesitation and inhibition when it comes to him offering his stance and knowledge on any subject - from politics to football to relationships to eating and to every other social issue.

His foray on social media makes some observers giddy and his level of activity on that platform considering his gospel background makes others woozy but he doesn’t care. Once he has a strong conviction about something, he expresses it and defends it without mincing words.

There’s obviously a lot of good on social media but it is also a breeding ground for trolls, vipers and unscrupulous characters who are just on the platform to be a nuisance. Sonnie is a ‘King of Clap back’ and doesn’t hold back in responding to trolls. He’s built differently, whether he is a man of God or not; he snarls with the same venom when poked.

The Pork Debate

There was no opaqueness in his pork-eating and demons declaration. He was unequivocal about it.

According to Sonnie, “Once the demons discover that you have eaten something unclean, your spirit automatically gets subdued. Once you go to bed, they come, because you gave them access.”

He was not done. Hear him; “They don’t come in the daytime. Daytime, you are alert. They come when the body is tired. Midnight. From 12:00 am to 3:00 am. So whilst you are in bed, they jump in and begin to be you.”

But wait, there’s more! He even had witnesses to his claim.

“You can ask all witches and wizards”, he said on the Kumasi-based Angel FM.

Critics to his claim repudiated his assertion, obviously – but Sonnie was not going to let it slide. He had words for such naysayers to his claim.

“They sit down and quote the scripture that Jesus Christ said he has sanctified all things, therefore, they can eat of it but are you clean? Do you qualify to even say that?”

There’s more!

“And all of us are not pure therefore the witches get the chance of trapping us, and what gives them the opportunity to destroy us is food and what food is it? It is pork. You can ask all witchcraft.”

With the knowledge that not every person would be convinced with his claim, the man of God had this message; “Please you can eat everything you wish to.”

Amazing Work

Unbeknownst to many, Sonnie Badu and his US-based RockHill Church have been doing some good deeds over the years.

His Rock Hill Church in Atlanta, Georgia is said to have over 600 members who are mostly Americans and the church is only five years old.  He has done some good for mankind—offering help in varied ways to the needy and less privileged. Impressively, those deeds extend to most of his followers on social media too.

He is said to be peaking at Number 1 on YouTube when it comes to teachings of witchcraft worldwide and holds Deliverance Services, which are attended heavily by people from far and wide including folks from Haiti, Jamaica and the Americas.

Yes, he may not be releasing new material in terms of music but he’s still collecting cheques and blessing many with his music—flying all over the world to perform. He is still in hot demand.

Sometimes, people forget that Sonnie Badu is that guy who brought business insight into the gospel fraternity in Ghana. He elevated the system and ensured that Gospel artistes in Ghana are accorded some level of respect when it comes to branding and business.

He never shies away from displaying all the possessions God has blessed him with, not to gloat but to exhibit God’s goodness and the fact that, sons of God and believers of the word can also win.


Sonnie Badu offered a teaching based on food and spiritually. He gave his word and backed it with scripture and personal experiences.  Under no circumstance did he compel anybody to heed his teachings by all means. 

He didn’t disrespect any personality who eats pork or is in the pork business. He offered his teaching without denigrating anybody. It’s up to the people who heard the word to heed it or not.

Venerated broadcast journalist, Kwami Sefa Kayi was one of the high profile personalities to pooh-pooh Sonnie’s doctrine.

“On the flipside it has been reported that Sonnie Badu says those who eat pork will have demons attacking them at midnight. I don’t know if he actually said it. Sonnie Badu, wherever you are, it is being reported that you claim demons will possess those of us who eat pork? If that’s the case, I must be full of it”, he stated.

The revered journalist expressed a divergent opinion without deriding Sonnie Badu, his personality or whatever he stands for. He voiced out his opinion and went about eating his pork. He didn’t go asking Sonnie for money to buy pork and he definitely didn’t request for a plate from the Minister of the Gospel to serve his pork in.

That’s how tolerant we must be!

The insults we heap on people when they express their opinions must stop at a point. Some go as far as abusing the person’s family, business and whatever he stands for.  It’s such a free world and we must learn to be accommodative, respectful and tolerant to each other.




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