Renowned gospel singer Lordina The Soprano releases debut album "CHARIS"
Renowned gospel singer Lordina The Soprano releases debut album "CHARIS"

Renowned choral soloist Lordina The Soprano releases debut album "CHARIS"

Ghanaian choral soloist Lordina The Soprano has released her debut album, "CHARIS," a soulful collection of songs that celebrates the abundance of God's grace.

The album features a mix of contemporary gospel, classical, and soulful melodies, showcasing Lordina's ethereal soprano vocals and powerful lyrics.

"CHARIS" is a testament to the profound influence of divine benevolence that has touched Lordina's life. Each track on the album encapsulates her experiences, emotions, and unwavering faith, making it a truly inspirational masterpiece.

The album includes songs like "The Sun Will Shine," a hopeful and inspirational song that emphasizes the promise of joy, restoration, and God's faithfulness, even in times of hardship and darkness; "I Know You're There," a poignant expression of faith and assurance in God's presence, even amid life's trials and challenges; "In Your Time," a message of patience and trust in God's timing, especially during challenging or uncertain periods; “Onyonko Nokwafo,” which underscores the unwavering faithfulness of God as a friend and companion throughout life's journey; “His Grace,” which centers around the concept of God's unmerited favor, forgiveness, and salvation through His grace; “Gye Wo Nkoaa,” which aligns with the biblical concept of monotheism, emphasizing that there is only one true God who deserves our worship and devotion; “Din pa,” which focuses on the importance of having a good reputation or moral character; “Ofata,” a worshipful declaration of God's worthiness to receive praise, honor, and adoration; “Hallelujah,” a powerful expression of praise and worship to God; “Nyame Kokroko,” which expresses a profound sense of gratitude and praise to God for His mighty deeds and blessings; and “Choral Highlife,” a medley of popular songs sung especially in the Adventist church that encourage faith and gratitude, as well as kindness to one another.

"CHARIS" is not only an album but a spiritual journey that invites listeners to reflect on their own encounters with grace. With this release, Lordina hopes to inspire and uplift souls worldwide, fostering a sense of hope, gratitude, and spiritual connection.

The album "Charis" was released on Monday, October 16, 2023 and is available on all major music platforms - .

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