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Pokuase Abele festival to take place from August 12-17
Pokuase Abele festival to take place from August 12-17

Pokuase Abele festival to take place from August 12-17

Organisers of the annual Abele festival, formerly known as Unity Week festival have announced that this year’s event will take place from Monday, August 12-17.


The event established few years ago has been a significant part of the celebration of Homowo in Pokuase. 

This year's celebration is very weighty, marking 20 years of unity and togetherness among the people of Pokuase.

Similarly, the change of name of the event feeds into the larger goals of making this year’s Abele festival, and to a larger extent, the celebration of Homowo memorable. 

The new name, "Abele," meaning "maize," reflects the commitment at creating a distinctive identity for the festival and enhancing the cultural significance of the annual Homowo celebration.

 Her Ladyship Justice Vida Akoto Banfo (Rtd.), who is the Head of the Nii Dodoo Clottey Family of Pokuase, together with Nii Ofei Nkwantabisa (Pokuase Dzaasetse), Nii Shipi Amanor II (Pokuase Shipi) and Samuel Arku-Laryea, graced the launch which also saw the unveiling of the renaming of Pokuase Unity Week to Pokuase Abele Festival.

“The renaming of the Pokuase Abele Festival signifies a new era for our community. It aims to bring greater recognition and excitement to our annual Homowo festival, inviting residents and those born in Pokuase to return home and partake in the festivities,” a statement from the organisers reads.

A number of activities have been earmarked for the festival including Clean-Up Campaign, unity walk, Candle Night: A serene evening of reflection and remembrance of fallen heroes, Games and Art Exhibition for local artists to showcase their talents and creativity.

Other activities are music Concert, an awards ceremony to recognise individuals for their outstanding contributions to Pokuase community and Miss Pokuase Pageant.

About Pokuase Abele Festival

The Pokuase Abele Festival is an annual event celebrating the rich cultural heritage and unity of the Pokuase community.

 Originally known as Unity Week, the festival has been renamed to reflect a new era of recognition and celebration. 

The festival features a variety of activities to foster a strong sense of community and cultural pride.

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