Poetry: To the Ebony who Reigns

BY: Zadok K. Gyesi

Saddened and surprised at the sudden demise of Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng, stage name—Ebony, Graphic Online’s journalist, Zadok Kwame Gyesi has written a poem in tribute to the dancehall artist.

Titled: “To the Ebony who Reigned”, the poem talks about the vagueness of life and the pain it leaves behind.

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The five stanza poem celebrates the “short lived” life of the enterprising artist.

Below is the full poem.    


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To the Ebony who Reigns

Life’s a mirage

Vanishes like slippery air

In the hands of those who hang on

It’s a mystery kept in the hidden deeps of the unknown  

Like a bolt, it speeds in forceful conscription

Leaving the living with trails of wails.

 Oh life

How will I hear when my time calls

To sleep with my fathers I know I will

Young or old when I’m all done

Perilous life to live no more.


You have filled our hearts with pain

Tears have taken captive of our joys

As sorrow corrodes our laughter with agony

You indeed have stolen our Ebony

Why, why, oh why?

 Is life this short

The light of grief is lit in my house

My anguished soul complaints in my heart

As brigades of mourners frequent my house

Mournful dirges and plaintive voices

Adorned in mourning apparels and sad colours.

Fare thee well

    You gaiety of boldness black

You lived your dreams even if short with us

We are trapped in the valleys of sorrow  

Thorns of havoc and thistles of pain

Now engulf our thoughts

You stabbed us so deep

It was least expected

For our high hopes, you replaced with grief

Strangers we remain in this world mysterious

Fare thee well, you loved one, our Ebony!