Nightlife experience with BlacVolta's Joseph Adjei

BY: Edith Mensah

WHILE maintaining a high level of standard in one's field has been the norm for most corporate workers, it is however interesting to find people leave their comfort zone to take up a job that does not fit into their corporate niche.

And that is the story of Team Lead of creative agency, BlacVolta, Joseph Adjei, a chartered Human Resources professional working with a multinational firm who is defying that corporate culture and gradually building a strong image by covering events of Accra Night life. 

Joseph has spent the last two years using BlacVolta to capture and tell the happenings of Ghana's nightlife through vlogging, photography, videography, and podcasting.

Through the BlacVolta agency, he provides a breath of fresh air for diasporans looking to explore nightlife in Ghana by covering some of the largest events about nightlife in the capital.

Also, he records happenings at bars, club art centres, eateries, and hangouts and additionally engage with DJs and MCs to learn about nightlife and the finest places to hang out.

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The BlacVolta team lead Joseph Adjei, revealed in an interview with Graphic Showbiz recently that his progressive approach to exploring that area of entertainment to the larger community was motivated by his passion to put Ghana on the map and put to flight false impressions about how boring nightlife in Accra is.

The BlacVolta team lead mentioned that he was encouraged to take that path after observing that nightlife enjoyed poor exposure.

“I have always been passionate about telling the world what night life in Ghana and Africa looks like and that drove me strongly to start this project. Here in Ghana, we don’t have bloggers, vloggers or other media platforms shedding light on the beauty and all of the glory of the night experience in Ghana and Africa. So, I took it upon myself to do that.

Regarding the Ghanaian community's acceptance of this way of having fun, he noted that the experience was bringing lots of recognition to his work from other African countries including Cote d’Ivoire.

 Driven by passion

He told Graphic Showbiz that he was driven my passion and not money to take up this cause.

“People are progressively coming around to this form of blogging, and I think it won't be long before we start to gain international attention. We're getting ready to travel to South Africa, which will be our next stop.

"Even now, a lot of business offers are being thrown at BlacVolta but I am very particular about the team’s commitment so I don't just go in for any gig, I look out for one that will sell Ghana in a positive light."

In response to how he manages to juggle his corporate day work and still follow all the fun night activities, he said his flexible work schedule allows him to pursue his passion for the streets.

“It is not too tough for me to follow my interest because of my flexible work schedule. As I mentioned earlier, this is my passion, perhaps an insatiable thirst for anything entertainment. There are moments that I had to sacrifice my corporate job for gigs,” he said.

Joseph said he has never had to hide his interests because he was raised in a family that valued his freedom to make his own decisions while also giving him the support he needed to succeed.

"I have never had any obstacles from parents or family. They have been supportive since day one. Nightlife has always been a lifestyle choice and I have always been a big fan of entertainment with my inspiration to do what I love coming from the Tomorrowland, a popular  event in Europe,” he added.

Born in Ghana, Joseph Adjei, who had his formal education both in Ghana and Australia is very positive about becoming the next big thing in the African entertainment industry. His goal is to tell the world about the beauty of the continent through his shared stories adding, “I am striving hard to establish myself as one of the most sought-after bloggers in Africa who the world would look out for in few years using his creative agency- BlacVolta.”

For the past two years, Joseph has led BlacVolta to highlight some of the main nighttime events in Ghana such as the Afrochella, Asake Concert, and other popular events during the Christmas festive season.

His podcast session dubbed the BlacVolta Nightlife Podcast can also boast of guests such as Chance The Rapper & Vic Mensa and acclaimed marketing mogul, Bozoma Saint John.

The young HR professional, whose job description covers 14 African countries said but for the strong passion he has for what he is doing, he would have given up since it is very demanding.