Modern music lacks original sounds - Klala

BY: Gifty Owusu-Amoah
Modern music lacks original sounds - Klala

Traditional artiste Klala believes that modern music lacks original sounds.

He argued that, unlike traditional music which was produced with a careful selection of instruments, many modern-day songs thrived on digital sound which was not original.

“Just take your time and listen to traditional music and you will feel the rhythms and proper instrumentation, but can we say same for the new sounds? See, the speed with which they are produced is the same speed with which they fade out,” he told Graphic Showbiz.

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Klala, real name Daniel Neequaye Kotey also mentioned that Ghana is losing out big time on international appeal since our musicians are doing other music styles instead of concentrating on traditional music.

“I don’t know why we always think that foreign things are better than ours, and it is not different when it comes to music. I quite remember at the peak of Klala, we had people questioning why we were doing traditional music at a time when many young people like us were jumping on Hiplife which was very popular.

Last year, Klala blended medicine with music when he ventured into dental care. He now holds a Class C licensed certificate in Natural Teeth Care obtained from Traditional Medicine Practice Council under the Ministry of Health.

 “Indeed, this is a dream come true for me. It has been my passion all these years and with this certification, I will serve my community and country as a whole,” he said.

Klala, however, quickly chipped in that he was not shelving his music career and that he was even cooking something in the studios.