Love exposed

BY: Graphic Showbiz
• KOD and Ophelia

There is just something about seeing two people in love that makes you want to fall in love. I am not quite sure what it is, may be it’s how they seem to be in total sync with each other or their public display of affection or simply the way they light each other’s faces. It is an infectious feeling but what makes such a love inspiring is always the stories behind the love.

We all love to hear such stories but when they are stories about our favourite celebrities the excitement is on a whole new high. And because of the effect they have on each other and us, let’s just call them spark couples. Well, spark couples because they do not only light up each other but also light us up as well.

Take our own Reggie Rockstone and his medical doctor wife, Zilla, for example. Their love story is a classic tale of “love at first sight”. Their eyes locked at a night club and one thing led to another and the rest they say is history. Who says there is nothing like love at first sig


These two have kept their love blazing by simply spending time together. That is how they have managed to ignite the spark in each other all these years. Want to have a compelling love journey like theirs? Simply follow their lead; make and spend time with your partner.

How about our very own “brangelina”? Chris Attoh and wife, Damilola have a connection that has transcended the screens. We first saw them as couple in the hit TV series, Tinsel and instantly fell in love with them.

We followed their love on Tinsel and we were sad when they broke up but our hope was restored when we realised that there was a real life love story brewing in the pot.

Chris admits that he was mesmerised by her the very first day he saw her. "The first day I saw Damilola, she had a way of entering a room and stealing all the attention and so there was no way I could not have noticed her”.

What made Chris notice her? Was it her confidence, her radiating skin or it’s simply that feeling we can best explain as a spark? She ignited something in him that drew him closer to her.

KOD and his wife, Ophelia’s love story aptly describes a match made in heaven. Aside from being an exceptional TV and Radio presenter, KOD is a celebrated fashion icon who has his own label that focuses on making Afrocentric designs, and his wife is also a celebrated fashion designer.

It seems their match made in heaven started when KOD walked into Ophelia’s shop to buy fabric. This led to her making an outfit for him, which led to a friendship that further got to marriage. What makes their story intriguing is the fact that they had their white wedding at a time rumours were rife that the two had broken up. What a way to silence the naysayers.

 Their love grows stronger by the day as KOD is not shy to publicly display his love for his wife, whether it’s him posting on social media about cooking for her or him just posting about spending time with his family KOD and wife have shown us all that igniting the spark in your relationship is about the little things.

Very few celebrity couples have managed to stay out of the lime light like Majid and his wife, Virna. Both of them are in the public space but they have managed to keep off the bad press. When they renewed their vows a few months ago after ten years of marriage, we all knew and understood why their love had thrived for a decade.

We have grown to love them. Maybe, it’s Majid’s superb acting skills or his wife’s warm smile or maybe it’s because the two of them have been together so long that it seems  they even act alike or maybe, it’s because Majid hardly accepts an award without paying tribute to his wife and thanking her for her patience and understanding.

This is what has kept their love going strong and with the renewal of their vows, it only means that their love will keep burning and inspiring all that have a relationship amidst celebrity status is possible.

The magic about love is that we can find it all around us. Everywhere you turn, you can find that couple who make it easy for you to want to fall in love, everywhere you go, you can find your own spark couple.

Igniting the spark in your relationships is very easy; all you need is just a little LUX. That is enough to ignite a spark in you and your partner, go on, spark up your relationship with just a little LUX.